What to expect if you attend Seoul Fashion Week

Fashion Week is the highlight of many fashion peoples lives. It gives them the space to network, learn and share ideas with those that idolize the world of fashion. Seoul Fashion Week specifically is engineered to give young upcoming fashion lovers the platform to show the world how they view it.

Seoul Fashion Week is different compared to other global fashion weeks because it all takes place in one location in Seoul, Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Typically, fashion shows are spread out in different areas depending on the location. For example: New York Fashion Week will have shows in one part of the city and a different show in another part. So, for Seoul Fashion Week to have their talent displayed in one location for all to congregate and share ideas is what makes for an intimately unique experience.

When you first arrive at DDP, you might get an overwhelming feeling because there are photographers taking pictures everywhere, models freely walking around, and other stylish people making friends with one another. All of these observations make for a wonderful confidence booster. One of the most important parts of SFW is the ramp. You simply walk down the ramp in your outfit and eventually a photographer will ask to take your photo. Some may even interview you.

Visiting Seoul Fashion Week gives people the opportunity to learn about fashion open-mindedly. People from all walks of life come to Korea for fashion week giving people the chance to learn about other cultures and their fashion. Fashion week can be thought of as a representation for breaking gender rules, racial barriers and other social constructs within clothing and style.

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Although the shows are not free, if given the chance you should try to support the designers, models and the brands by purchasing officials tickets to shows. If this is not an option for you there is a giant screen displayed at the bottom of the ramp where livestreams of fashion shows are usually shown.

Seoul Fashion Week also invites some of Koreas most liked celebrities to sit in on shows. So, you might be able to see your favorite Korean singer or actor well within eyesight.

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All in all, Seoul Fashion Week is a place for people to unconditionally be themselves without the fear of judgement. It provides an atmosphere that someone can only feel once they experience it. So, the next time you hear about SFW, take some time to consider making your way in your best outfit to DDP and enjoying the limelight.

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