EXO’s Chanyeol & Kai taking a trip down memory lane to commemorate their debut 8th anniversary

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Group EXO celebrated their 8th debut anniversary.

EXO members Chanyeol and Kai posted pictures one by one on their personal Instagram on the 8th. Chanyeol wrote “Did I know it at that time # 0408”, and Kai wrote “I always want to see 120408”. On April 8, 2012 EXO made their official debut.

In their photos, Chanyeol and Kai looked so young that the pictures seem to have been taken at the time of their debut.

Passion and innocence are felt in the eyes of the two young men who have stepped forward with the dream of becoming a singer. Their beauty, which still remains unchanged even after 8 years, attracts attention.

Fans sent them messages of congratulations after seeing pictures, “Happy 8th Anniversary”, “Let’s love EXO”, “I knew you would be a great singer”, “You guys are so good”, “I’ve been happy with EXO for 8 years”, “I will continue to be with EXO after 10 or 20 years” and “I want to see you every day.”

EXO, which debuted in 2012, attracted attention with its concept that all EXO members came from an EXO Planet from outside the solar system and each member possessed a special ability to control water, wind and more. The group has been releasing mega-hit songs such as ‘Growl’, ‘Love Me Right’, and ‘Love Shot’ to stand out as a representative of K-pop.

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