“Shall We Eat Dinner Together?” starring Song Seung-heon & Seo Ji-hye’s first pictures

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MBC’s new Monday & Tuesday mini-series “Shall We Eat Dinner Together?” revealed Song Seung-heon and Seo Ji-hye’s pictures in Jeju island, which boast brilliant visuals almost like a pictorial.

The drama “Shall We Eat Dinner Together?” is a romance which tells the story of a man who’s serial dater and kind of tired of relationships, and a woman going through a rough breakup with a longtime boyfriend she’s still in love with. Through eating dinner together, they start to heal their hearts and recover from their painful relationship. Song Seung-heon and Seo Ji-hye, two lead characters of a heart-thumping romance that will stimulate love cells along with the full spring energy, were captured on the blue beaches of Jeju Island.

Song Seung-heon and Seo Ji-hye’s Jeju Sea Stills were filmed at Gimnyeong Beach. You can see the beautiful visuals of the two against the backdrop of the clear sky of Jeju Island, the emerald sea, the waves crashing white and the dark basalt.

Song Seung-heon, who seems to be looking for someone, and Seo Ji-hye, looking calmly at the sea. At the end of their gaze, they raise questions about the main story.

In the drama, Song Seung-heon plays a psychiatrist and a food phychologist named Kim Hae Kyung who observes people by watching them eat and uses an uncommon practice of treating his patients through food and meals. Seo Ji-hye plays a character named Woo Do-hee, a web video channel PD.

Although their characters appear to be having dinner together, no one knows how the two ended up together at the end of the twist. The expectation is heightened by Hae-kyung and Do-hee’s warm chemistry, who became fantastic dinner mates.

MBC’s upcoming drama “Shall We Eat Dinner Together?” will premiere in May, following ‘365: Repeat the Year’.

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