Top 5 Korean brands to keep your eyes on

The Fashion industry is continuously expanding in South Korea because its designers are being to integrate their international audiences into Korean culture. Korea is slowly opening its doors to the world and allowing people to explore other lifestyles through channels such as fashion. These next five South Korean brands have proven themselves to be the forerunners of Seoul.

  • ESC Studio
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ESC Studio started off as a small Korean street wear brand created by Lee Sang Won. He created his brand in a time where the internet was an excellent marketing tool, so his designs and clothing caught the attention of many through SNS channels. His clothing targets internationally, but also to those who are unafraid of wearing things that are eye-catchingly striking.  Now through his social media, he has developed a strong brand image and gained a huge following through his talent and unique style. He has come so far as to have ITZY’S Yeji wearing one of his oversized polo (grey) shirt. He also provides Look books for each season of clothing he creates, which is something not a lot of brands consistently keep up with. His brand is now considered very popular and rare to find in physical stores. So, exploring his website and seeing the growth is extremely heartwarming and inspirational.

  • Man.G

Man.G launched itself in 2013 as a hand-made fashion brand by designer Jeeman Kim. With the origin of his brand being recognized by painting, he incorporates his own perceptual ideals of the world through his craft. This recently launched brand has worked hard to become integrated and gain awareness for its deconstruction of social norms. Last Seoul Fashion week (S/S 2020), Man.G’c concept was “DRAG ME THERE, MAN.G” and brought awareness to gender neutrality, drag culture and its relationship to fashion. This is a relatively small Korean fashion brand that has been gaining popularity among the young influencer of South Korea as well as popular idols like NCT’s Yuta and MONSTA X’s I.M. Its brand and designer have worked hard to implement themselves into the world of fashion and will soon be recognized for its capabilities.

  • Youser

Youser is a very popular Korean Brand that has made its way into the mainstream fashion industry. Based in Seoul and overseen by creative director: Mooyeol Lee, the brand has been ale to flourish and expand its products, customers and image. Launching in 2011, the brand immediately gained recognition internationally by being nominated as one of Seoul Fashion Weeks top 10 brands. Due to their popularity internationally, their Korean customers find pride in shopping for the brand because it has made a name for itself and the South Korean fashion scene. They currently sell their clothes and accessories in Boon the Shop in Gangnam, as well as other stores in New York, LA, Japan, France and many more.

  • More Than Dope
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More Than Dope is like ESC Studio considering the two designers are very close friends. Designer, director and stylist Hanseul Ha created a brand image for those who do not want to follow the same fashionable norms. He encourages his audience to step outside the box with their wardrobe. In addition to selling his items online, he also sells his items in places like ‘Around the Corner’ and ‘ETC Seoul’ in Apgujeong or ‘ODD Gallery’ in Hongdae. His brand started off relatively small and has evolved into a mix of streetwear and contemporary excellence

  • Lang&Lu

Lang&Lu is a brand founded on the idea that women are symbols of power. They themselves are the creator and the inspiration behind the brands concepts, apparel and overall attitude. Having a showroom in Sinsa and shops in Lotte Department Store really sets them apart from the competition because they have defined themselves as powerhouses in the Korean fashion market. This brand is for women who are confident in themselves and the goals they wish to achieve. They make sure they are giving their customers trendy assortments each season. Offering a wide variety of colorful, classy and uniquely designed arrangements of clothes and accessories makes them one of Korea’s most popular and sought-after brand.

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