The Bay 101, a nightlife trendy spot in Busan

The Bay 101 is a famous nightlife spot of Busan. From luxury tours to eating Korean delicacies, you can enjoy it all there while being surrounded by the stunning lights of the city. As the place is not far from Haeundae, you can access to it simply by walking after a day at the beach.  

Here are some of the things you will have access to at The Bay 101:

A Premium resort called “Club 101” where you are able to get public or private luxury tours on the sea surrounding the area. They offer multiple types of tours so there’s a high chance that you can find something that suits your taste here.

The Gallery 101 is a store with trendy goods from all  over the world, going from homewares, gifts, to marine sports gears. They also often have some limited season’s collection so you can find some unique treasures to bring back home.

When you’re feeling a little hungry, you will have multiple choices: The Side coffee, Fingers and chat kiosk as well as the Daedo restaurant. The side coffee is a signature place with high quality coffees, beverages, cakes, and it is often said that Daedo restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy beef in its different forms. If you’re more of a fish person, then you can count on the Fingers & Chat kiosk’s Fish and chips to eat in front of the panoramic view of the Bay 101.

Last but not least, The bay 101 is quite close to the APEC Naru Park, so if you’re feeling like taking a walk after your stay there, don’t hesitate to go enjoy the amazing sea view of the Park.

However if you can’t find it in yourself to enjoy any of these activities, I personally find it as pleasant to just sit near the location and take in the night view for a moment.

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The Bay 101 by night

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