“WINNER is all my youth”… Interview video for ‘Remember’ shared

pictures of the member of WINNER kpop group during their last interview for their new album

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An interview clip (‘Remember’ INTERVIEW: ASK WINNER), showing the growth and authenticity of the group WINNER, has been released.

WINNER posted the video at 5 pm on April 9, an hour before the release of their third regular album, ‘Remember’. In the video, WINNER members were asked the same questions as during the interview they had at the time of their debut in 2014.

WINNER debuted after winning through the survival program ‘WIN’ in 2013 and have been promoting for six years since. The meaning of the team ‘WINNER’ will be even more meaningful to the members six years later. Deep down, the members’ more mature side and profound emotions were conveyed.

When asked what WINNER means to him, Song Min-ho answered “new shoes” in the past, but now he expressed his feelings toward the members saying “WINNER is like a nest. I’ve learned to fly as I grew up with my friends born with me.”

Leader Kang Seung-yun said, “It’s all of my youth.” Lee Seung-hoon explained, “WINNER is the biggest part of my 20s.” Kim Jin-woo said, smiling “I can’t live without WINNER now”

The members also talked about the third regular album ‘Remember’. Kang Seung-yun linked it to “The beauty of the blank space,” and continued “It is an album that leaves space for what we can fill when we return.” Song Min-ho recalled the meaning of this album, “(In our minds) it’s truly a masterpiece”.

At the end of the interview, WINNER members first thought of the fans when they were asked to say a word for those they were grateful for.

Kim Jin-woo, who had been lost in his thoughts for a while, wished that “I hope that fans who love us a lot will be even more happy in the future “

WINNER’s third regular album ‘Remember’ is set to release at 6 pm on the same day. Song Min-ho wrote and composed the title song ‘Remember’ which has the same name as the album. It is a beautiful song with lyrical guitar performances and melodies.

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