Mamamoo’s Solar announced her solo debut with ‘SPIT IT OUT’ on April 23

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Mamamoo’s Solar confirmed her solo debut on April 23.

Her agency RBW said, “Solar is going to release a solo debut album ‘SPIT IT OUT’ on the 23rd and started a full-scale solo activity. It is her first solo album debut, so Solar has prepared with great care to show a new look. We ask for your continuous interest and support.”

As a result, Solar made her first solo album six years after debuting with Mamamoo in 2014. Previously, a forgotten masterpiece was released through the project album ‘Solar Emotion’, but this is the first solo album that captures the color of the music of Solar.

Debuted in Mamamoo in June 2014, Solar has been proven as a main vocalist in a team with attractive tones and strong singing ability.

In particular, through her first self-composed song ‘Star Wind Flower Sun’ included in Mamamoo’s 6th mini-album ‘Yellow Flower’, she was recognized for her ability as a songwriter and showed unlimited possibilities for musical development.

Since then, Solar has steadily introduced HELLO, ‘I’m Your Fan’ and more songs to Mamamoo albums, and has grown into musicians with performance as well as musical capabilities.

In addition, Solar has a personal YouTube channel, ‘Solarsido’, which includes Vlog that honestly describes her daily life, the movie ‘Aladdin’ OST ‘Speechless’, Imagine Dragons ‘Believer’, Sia ‘Snowman’, dance cover video.

Mamamoo’s leader and all-around talented soloist, Solar announced her first single album, ‘SPIT IT OUT’, and the interest of the fans has reached the peak of how attractive Solar will be.

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