On April 12th, AOMG’s artists and guests aired a NON-STOP live

Last Sunday on April 12th, AOMG‘s artists and DJ guests held a live “AOMG Quarantine Nonstop Live” to benefit people and families affected by the COVID-19.

AOMG announced on Instagram they hosted this live “to participate in a social distancing campaign to help on stopping the spread of COVID-19″.
Due to the pandemic, most of the artists have canceled their upcoming concerts. This live, from 3 pm (KST) to 12 am, was an opportunity to share positivity with fans from all over the world.

Amongst the performers, Gray, Simon Dominic, Woo, Hoody, Ugly Duck, Elo, Jay Park, sogumm, DJ Pumkin, and DJ Wegun took part in the show.
They performed songs based on what fans were asking on the Live chat. From old songs to recent ones, the artists staged track such as “Your eyes”, “We are”, “Dax4”, “Just Do it”, “Joah” or “Solo”.
Oustanding underground DJs such as Spray, Goosebumps, Yunu or Plastic Kid were also invited to join the event.

A unique and energetic performance, that fans will surely remember.

For those of you who have missed the opportunity to watch the show, you can find the highlights on Twitch.

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