The “culture” of Korean Fried Chicken

“The Korean fried chicken, “chikin치킨” in Korean, is so far the most appreciated “meal” in Korea by locals and tourists. It can be consumed as an appetizer, a meal, night-snack “yashik – 야식” or anju “안주” (food consumed while drinking alcohol). 

After the Korean War, in the early ’50s, the American troops stationed in South Korea imported the Soul food culture (African-American food), including the fried chicken. What differs Korean chicken from the American one is the texture of the skin. After dredging it with flour, sugar, salt, or spices, the meat is fried twice. That is the reason why the Korean style-chicken taste less greasy and crunchier. 

Korean fried chicken is omnipresent in the daily life of the Korean people. The delivery chicken services are even available at sports games, near the Han river, house parties or at the beach. More than a meal, chicken gathers friends and families! 

Usually, the typical accompaniment of Korean fried are pickled radishes(chikin-mu 치긴무) with beer, soju or carbonated drinks

In 2017, there were about 36,000 fried chicken establishments all over Korea. There are so many joints that the Korean government has adopted a regulation of restaurant openings on one block. 

The renowned brands like Bonchon, Nene Chicken or KyoChon have crossed the Korean borders to Cambodia, Australia, USA, the Philippines or Kuwait. 

The competition in the “chicken business” is getting harder for business’ owners to survive, however, the quality of recipes will continue to thrive.”

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