BTS’ variety program ‘Run BTS!’ reach 100 episodes

[Mail Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

“Thanks to ARMY who have been with us!” (BTS)

The group’s self-produced variety show ‘Run BTS!’ hit 100-episode mark and a special episode was aired through Naver V-Live and the communication platform Weaverse at 9 pm on April 14.

The first outdoor real variety program of BTS, ‘Run BTS! Was first premiered on August 1, 2015 and every Tuesday it attracted attention by showing the charms of BTS through various themes and concepts.

It has been steadily gaining popularity with a variety of episodes, from games that show members’ competitiveness, to cooking, sports, and florist experiences. Some episodes even exceeded 10 million views on V Live, and the episodes aired last month also exceeded 5 million views.

Members celebrated the 100th special for fans who have been supporting them. They will be playing the games which they enjoyed while proceeding the shows until now.

BTS gathered at the stadium wearing sportswear, celebrated 100 times and thanked the fans. After then, they started with a quiz which included questions from their past memories accumulated through the show.

The 100th special feature of `Run BTS1′ will continue in the next episode on April 21.

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