Monsta X’s brother group ‘CRAVITY’ made a debut on 14th with ‘HIDEOUT’

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The new boy group CRAVITY made their debut on April 14.

CRAVITY’s debut album ‘CRAVITY SEASON1.’ ‘HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE’ was released along with the music video for the title song ‘Break all the Rules’.

In ‘HIDEOUT’’ CRAVITY shares various emotions that the group have felt as they started their journey through their own space called ‘HIDEOUT’ and their dream of sympathy. In addition, the group expresses their wish to become an hideout where their fans can be happy and feel comfortable.

In particular, the message of the first mini album, “REMEMBER WHO WE ARE”, express the willingness of the 9-member of CRAVITY to focus their attention with their own music and performance, and aspiration to the public and fans.

The title song ‘Break all the Rules’ is an urban hip-hop genre with powerful drums, colorful vocal melodies and harmony, and boasts the rough textured sound, powerful chorus, and tightly woven members’ excellent rap-vocal line operation. This song, which is a hope for young people who want to move forward, and also a consolation to themselves, conveys the performance of overwhelming gaze under the theme of ‘breaking the frame and rules yourself,’ and show the members’ passion.

All seven songs on the album build emotions step by step, maintain tight tension and increase immersion.

 The rock-style “Top of the Chain”, which combines modern R&B and hip-hop genre, announces a grand start, and “Blackout,” which combines pop and urban future trap style, creates a cool groove by harmonizing the refined sense. In addition, ‘JUMPER’, which was written, composed, and arranged for the group by MONSTA X’s Joo Heon, exudes an unstoppable youthful spirit, and the song ‘Stay’, which represents their world view that gives comfort to each other even in an uneasy world. Lastly  ‘Star” conveys a message of hope from members to become stars to each other and to the fans. .

CRAVITY, a new boy group introduced by Starship Entertainment, and a new rookie to be noticed by the K-pop scene in 2020, is set to debut with nine youthful ambitious members and takes a strong first step.

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