P.O celebrates Block B’s 9th debut anniversary

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Block B’s P.O celebrated his ninth anniversary after debut.

P.O posted a photo and on his Instagram account on April 15. P.O shared his happiness over the anniversary, “Jihoon asked us to upload right when it became midnight. But it’s late. It’s already Block B’s ninth anniversary. “

He continued “A few years later’ is my favorite song among ours. Please listen to it again and have a happy day. Sweet Dream, Sweet Bees!.

In a shared photo, Block B members Zico, Tae-il, Jae-hyo, B-Bomb, P.O, Park-kyung, and U-Kwon are gathering at a restaurant, smiling brightly and staring at the camera.

P.O is currently appearing in Channel A entertainment show, ‘Heart Signal Season 3’.

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