April set to comeback with new mini-album ‘Da Capo’ on 22

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Group April will be ready to release a new album in a year and a half.

Their agency DSP Media said on the 19th, “April is about to drop the 7th mini album “Da Capo” on the 22nd.”

This album is a new album about a year and a half after the Ruby released in October last year. The title of the upcoming album, “Da Capo” is a musical term meaning to go back and play again.

Including the title song ‘LALALILALA’, the upcoming album contains six tracks such as ‘Oops I’m Sorry’, ‘Doll’, ‘1,2,3,4’, ‘You.zi ’, ‘Time difference’.

April debuted in ‘Dreaming’ in 2015, after previous members Somin and Hyunjoo left the group in 2016, Yoon Chae-kyung and Rachel were joined and rearranged into a six-member group.

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