GOT7 Comes Back with ‘DYE’… Exudes Classic Air

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GOT7 gets ready to drop a new album ‘DYE’ its title song ‘NOT BY THE MOON’ at 6 pm on April 20.

GOT7 will provide a romantic charm in the new song ‘NOT BY THE MOON’ with medieval atmosphere and time-class visuals from the Middle Ages. Also, through this comeback, it is expected to prove the limitless music capabilities and expand the scope of K-pop.

GOT7 stood out as a ‘global trend-leading group’, heating up fans around the world with a colorful concept and music for each activity.

Leading K-pop with great success, the group shares the album’s story in commemoration of the release of the newest album ‘DYE’.

Q. Could you introduce the album?

JB: I think the composition of the album is so good. In particular, the title song “NOT BY THE MOON” is even better because of the sadness. I like the overall album flow, such as track lists and romantic lyrics, and it is meaningful because it is an album containing a story.

Yugyeom: I think I am reading a classic novel. It contains songs that you can listen to while looking at the feelings of love from various angles. When you listen to the whole songs, you may feel as if you have read a real novel.

Q. Please tell me more about ‘NOT BY THE MOON’.

Yugyeom: “The constantly changing moon. And the song depicts not to make a pledge of love to the shifting moon. You can feel the strong yet grooved sound.”

Mark: It contains the message, “My love is eternal, I will protect you, and it will not change like the moon.”

Q. What did you think of when you first heard the title song?

Jackson: It wasn’t the music that we had been playing. But the song was fresh, so it was more exciting and better. I thought, ‘I can show you a great performance again.’

BamBam: I had a lot of thoughts and concerns about ‘What kind of concept will go well with this song’ and ‘How can we express well?’ But after listening to the song, the melody kept running in my mind. So I was convinced that it would be a special song.

Q. The lyrics of ‘NOT BY THE MOON’ are very romantic. Do you have a favorite verse?

JB: The view of the moon as a medium that changes every day was fresh. In fact, when I heard the lyrics, I was surprised at the fresh expressions and applauded.

Mark: “I like this part most ‘Everyday used to be colorless Tomorrow will be dyed with you Just like this, Dye with you’ I’m affectionate because it’s my part. (Laughter) The lyric itself is also romantic.”

Jinyoung: The phrase “You’re spreading inside me”. The poetic expression is very cool. I interpreted the expression as spreading as ‘the feeling that the opponent’s color spreads to me inevitably’, but I think that expression is wonderful.

Yugyeom: ‘Oh swear not by the moon changing everyday like the moon’ I think the meaning of ‘Let’s not swear our love on things that shift’ is truly expressed.

Q. What is the most important part of preparing a new song?

Jackson: I’m a prince in music video

Jinyoung: Please look at the groove felt in the dance. It’s a performance that feels different from the previous one.

Yugyeom: I thought the members were really mature. I thought this was a challenge because it was a new style that I had never tried before, both for singing and choreography. So, I want to show you a better stage.

Q. What is the most important part of your music video?

JB: I paid attention to the visuals and mood. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to show the new character JB, this time.

Mark: It’s dance. I always care to make the choreography stand out. So I’d like you to focus on the group dance in this music video.

Jackson: It’s a story! Since the story from the beginning to the end is connected, I hope you will watch it carefully.

Youngjae: I wanted to show a good look in all aspects, so I tried not to miss everything without missing any of dance, visual, and atmosphere.

GOT7’s newest album ‘DYE’ can be enjoyed on various music websites today (20th) at 6pm. While the showcase ‘GOT7 LIVE PREMIERE’ will be broadcast live online to all over the world through Naver V LIVE.


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