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Dance cover groups are the evidence that K-POP is not only music in another language, but synonymous with inspiration, improvement and above all talent. It is a way of adopting a lifestyle since they are not simple movements, it is to imitate and even improve what your favorite star does on stage.

  Kpop has become a “fad”, so in quotes, because for some, it is a lifestyle and motivation to keep going. Korean pop has shown that it is not enough to have “excellent lyrics” or “catchy rhythms’, no, said genre uses” original choreography “and this implies the combination of costumes, scenery, music and above all, creativity.


Eddie has been a personal best friend of mine during the last few years. He has been building his following for years, posting dance covers on YouTube. His success may seem radical and soon-ish, but it’s evident during the years how much work he has put in to get to the excellent dance level he’s at today. I would say out of hundreds of thousands of followers across his social media platforms, Eddie has been using his platform to debut and creates opportunities through his own group Lalary. The co-ed, multicultural K-Pop group which debuted with fundraising Kickstarter by their loyal fanbase. One time favorite dance cover of his has to be DUN DUN by everglow

EVERGLOW (에버글로우) – DUN DUN Dance Cover 커버댄스 | 에디 QxEddie

1 MILLION Dance Studio

More than once we have come across this channel and its spectacular covers, even the same artists that they cover already know about this channel, being some guests like my favorite groups nowadays Everglow or Mamamoo who did the Dance Version of “Hip” with them. 1 MILLION dance has proven the years that you could rise to the occasion and create for a lack of a better word “sickening” performances that would leave their mark on the world as one of the mid-2010s to shape choreography in K-pop.

마마무(MAMAMOO) – HIP / Minny Park X Lia Kim Choreography with MAMAMOO


This young lady is also well known for uploading her cover dance faster than anyone, it takes just half a day or just one day from the song’s release for her to have the choreography ready to publish, even Lisa won the Dance Cover contest for “ Bingle Bangle ”and was announced as the first place winner by none other than the AOA girls. She also more is known for her has tutorials, if you need to learn any choreography Lisa is your best option as beginner-friendly!

ITZY “WANNABE” Lisa Rhee Dance Tutorial


The channel of these two amazing talented girls has been very popular for several years now, not only because they handle a somewhat sexy concept in most of their videos but they also dance really well, amazing technique and posture. What is brilliant about them is they accommodate the choreography for two people, so if you want to learn a Dance Cover for two people and channel your inner-sexiness. This channel can serve you! One of my favorites videos of them of all times has to be : 

박진영 (J.Y. Park) FEVER Cover Dance Waveya


This YouTube channel is made up of both girls and boys, their covers are really good, what I found exceptional about this group is how emblematic they can incorporate all kinds of people so the viewers can identify themselves through them. East2West has proven through its name that there isn’t division from the east to the west and that everyone can enjoy and dance and showcase their talent.  they have made a great variety Of songs even NCT 127 made a video reaction to the cover of “CHERRY BOMB” that they made.

[EAST2WEST] NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb 1theK Dance Cover Contest

K-Tigers TV

This is probably the most extravagant covers that you are going to see since this channel uploads the choreography of the songs, but implement their own twisted which is a pseudo-Taekwondo version, which is the sport par excellence in South Korea and has been widely recognized around the world. One of their most famous videos and also a favorite of mine is the cover they made of the BTS guys, Blood Sweat & Tears.

방탄소년단 – 피땀눈물 태권도 버전 BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears Taekwondo ver.


Just as the aforementioned group: “East2West”  this group is composed of fellow girls and boys, what separates this group from others Coed Group  is that this group focuses a lot on presenting a full-on production. Artbeat meticulously plans everything in detail to create a very exceptional cover. They are the pure definition of high production at their finest. since it has all the condiments for a successful cover: beautiful gowns scenery, talent.



It is a dance crew based in Paris, France, that covers K-pop choreographies. Through dance, RISIN’ CREW wishes to share K-Pop culture within french communities and introduce it to those unfamiliar with it.  One of the most notable achievements of RISIN’ CREW’ has been being T-ara’s backup dancers during their performance at the 2012 Music Bank festival in Paris. Since then RISIN’CREW has published dozens of dance covers and gathered tens of thousands of subscribers on its YouTube channel. It is through dance, by playing on the attention to detail and the quality of the performance, that RISIN’ CREW is a force to be reckoned with in the K-Pop culture and with the rest of the community and introduce it to those unfamiliar with it.

BTS (방탄소년단) – DNA dance cover by RISIN’ CREW from France (girls ver.)


How could I leave our beloved Gotoe off this list? Gotoe for me is the pure definition of what kpop is supposed to be, fun and entertainment.  although Gotoe content is not what you would expect for a dance cover as it focuses more on an overly flamboyant-comedic approach aspect. Something that we cannot deny is that it makes us want to dance wildly with him. His crazy personality has led him to collaborate with the most famous idols of the moment such as Red Velvet, Everglow and others.

During the GoToe’s RPD in New York, NCT 127 actually appeared…!! Am I dreaming???

Lexie Marie

Last but definitely not least. We have a personal friend of mine Lexie! I would say that her covers are the pure definition of charisma nerve and talent. Lexie Marie is a person who projects security and charisma on stage. Something that I find interesting in her covers is how she pays a lot of attention to details when dancing, incorporates her own techniques and movements and does it in a very natural and fluid way that makes us think is part of the original choreography.

MOMOLAND (모모랜드) – BBoom BBoom (뿜뿜) DANCE COVER | Lexie Marie

The kpop cover dance sensation has created a platform for fans from all around the world to actively participate and enjoy K-Pop; and therefore, it is helping expand K-Pop as a truly international form of social entertainment. Over the past few years, Kpop Dance Cover has proven to be a lifestyle. since it proves to be a sensation on the internet, creating careers in social media platforms for some people such as Qxeddie, imlisarhee, Lexie Marie and others. Create opportunities to visit South Korea through its dance competitions. create new relationships that will last for the rest of our lives. The dance cover has shown that it can unify nations around the world and this phenomenon only continues to grow and we will see how it flourishes during the coming years.

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