Exemplary detective, new drama on Netflix

This month, in addition to ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ another Korean drama is set to appear on Netflix : Exemplary Detective.

The story will unfold the daily lives of detectives living in Incheon, South Korea and trying to uncover hidden truths by catching criminals.

The main cast is composed of Son Hyun Jo, playing Kang Do Chan, a veteran officer working as a detective for a violent crime unit. You might have seen him in Itaewon Class as Park Song-Yeol, Park Saeroyi’s father. This time he will have a main role in Exemplary Detective.

Another main character is Oh Ji Hyuk, played by Jang Seung Jo. He is in the same violent crime division but is not dealing with the cases in the same way as Kang Do Chan. Coming from a well-off family, he has been doing this job for 9years. Recently, he also played Lee Jun in the drama Chocolate.

Last main character is Jin Seo Kyung, played by Lee Elijah, a newspaper reporter passionate about her job and often acting without acting due to her impulsive personality.

The drama is set to premiere on April 27st and will include 16 épisodes.

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