Gong Yoo in talks to join ‘Ocean of Silence’ & ‘Wonderland’

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Gong Yoo is currently considering an offer for a new Netflix ‘Sea of ​​Silence’ following the movie ‘Wonderland’.

Officials of the Management Soop confirmed that he is in talks to appear on Netflix original series ‘Ocean of ​​Silence’ and is reviewing the offer. “

‘Sea of ​​Silence’ garnered attentions attention after actor Jung Woosung joined the production not only as a featured actor, but also as a producer. ‘Sea of Silence’ is a SF drama featuring a dystopian future Earth, where water and food are scarce due to worldwide desertification. It tells the story of elite agents travelling to an abandoned moon base to retrieve some mysterious samples for analysis.

The drama is based on a series of short films of the same name by Choi Hang-yong, who received great attention at the 13th Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival in 2014.

The script is written by Park Eun-gyo, the winner of the 29th Korean Film Critics Association Award for the movie ‘Mother’, and directed by Choi Hang-Yong, who directed the original film.

Gong Yoo would be playing the role of team leader in ‘Sea of ​​Silence’. Bae Doona is also positively considering her appearance.

The actor’s agency company stated “It’s true that Gong Yoo has received offers of appearance ‘Sea of Silence’ and Kim Tae-yong’s ‘Wonderland’. But it is not yet confirmed.”

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