Super M joined ‘One World: Together at Home’

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

K-pop boy group SuperM was spotlighted by the global media for participating in the ‘Together At Home’ concert.

On April 19, SuperM came together virtually for an electric performance of their song ‘With You’ for the online charity concert “One World: Together At Home”, which was broadcast live for 8 hours through the global online streaming platform.

After the performance on this day, the main entertainment media of China such as iFeng, Sina, Oxieng, Maoyan, etc. tuned their spotlights on SuperM’s attendance in ‘Together at Home’ concert. Broadcasters like Dragon TV, TVS Television, Kankan also reported, “Within April 19, the total number of articles on Weibo with the hashtag #SuperM 隔空 合唱 (SuperM’s chorus in each one’s home’) has reached 150 million during the day”.

BBC also mentioned SuperM as an artist who showed creative performance despite the technical limitations at this concert. “One member of K-pop group SuperM drew a picture for fans during the performance of the song ‘With You’.”

In addition, Billboard of the United States reported, “SuperM had carried out a lively performance with the concept of various activities such as drawing, weight lifting, and cooking. The South Korean super-group joined a star-studded lineup that includes other at-home performances by Lady Gaga, Ther Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Paul MacCartney and many more.”

MTV also said, “SuperM performed their upbeat unreleased track ‘With You’ from the comfort of their individual spaces through live stream. “Their cozy virtual performance is a nice reminder that no matter how far apart we are physically we can find ways to be #Together At home.”

In addition, news sites such as Metro and BuzzFeed, etc. also delivered SuperM’s ‘Together At Home’ performance, thereby once again realizing the global interest in SuperM.

SuperM will show their performance as the first runner of the live concert streaming service ‘Beyond LIVE’, which is jointly conducted by SM Entertainment and Naver on April 26.


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