Zico & Kang Daniel’s MV teaser for Refresh… Masterpiece of Korean Beauty

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Singer Zico and Kang Daniel’s collaboration song “Refresh” unveiled.

Starship Entertainment, which is conducting the ‘2020 Global K-POP Project’ with the global beverage brand Pepsi, posted a new teaser video of ‘FOR THE LOVE OF Korea’, ‘Refresh’, on the official SNS channel on the 20th.

In the teaser film, Zico and Kang Daniel capture all eyes thanks to their perfect combination with the context highlighting Korea’s essence. On the stagethat visualizes the majestic Hanok house, precious Korean heritage such as paintings, Korean characters, Samulnori, Bukchung lion play, B-boy appeared, showing many outstanding, worth-watching highlights.

In addition, the two singers in blue suits decorated with dazzling gold foil not only show off their perfect physique but also freely display their elegance and handsomeness. The upbeat melody meshed with traditional rhythm also doubles the curiosity about their new song ‘Refresh’.

In particular, Pepsi Korea wishes this project to be able to respect the unique culture of Korea and other world, and to put everything on in your love. As the message of cheer was delivered through the slogan #FORTHELOVEOFIT, Zico and Kang Daniel are going to convey their meaning with the new song ‘Refresh’ that contains their charms.

Zico, who participates in the project, established KOZ Entertainment in January of last year, succeeded as a solo artist, garnered the popularity of the syndrome with the recently released “Any Song,” and has shown outstanding performance in various fields. Kang Daniel started his successful solo career with his latest album ‘color on me’ in July of last year, and he was loved by global fans by ranking first in various music and album charts with his mini album ‘CYAN’ and recorded title song ‘2U’ last month.

Meanwhile, the new song ‘Refresh’ by duo singer Zico and Kang Daniel is set to be released through various sound source sites on April 23 at 6pm.

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