HA:TFELT to release first debut album ‘1719’ today (23rd)

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Singer-songwriter HA:TFELT revealed her first regular album.

HA:TFELT releases the first regular album ‘1719’ through various online music sites on April 23 at 6pm.

‘1719’ is the first solo album released by HA:TFELT after 14 years of debut, this album contains tracks with autobiographical stories melted her own colors.

Like 17-19 years of age in a whirlwind of unstable emotions, HA:TFELT also showed stories of the untold periods from 2017 to 2019, while she showed active move as a singer-songwriter.

In particular, as it is an album that she has been preparing for a long time, the limited edition storybook ‘1719’, which is organically connected to the tracks, will also be released, and the singer will tell her story more in-depth.

The first title song ‘Satellite (feat. Ash Island)’ is a song inspired by HA:TFELT and inspired by the movie ‘Gravity’, the message contains “You shine yourself. Just go on your way.” The second title song ‘Sweet Sensation (feat.SOLE)’ is a song that can be enjoyed lightly from the trapped daily life, and is expected to give a sweet impression like the song with the message “It will be a perfect day”.

In addition, Amoeba Culture members Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko and Choiza participated in different songs as featured, and THAMA also joined the album to provide a more colorful sound through collaboration with talented artists from hip-hop and R&B.

Furthermore, the singer produced a total of 4 music videos, including double title tracks, as well as recorded songs, ‘Solitude’ and ‘Life Sucks’. The music video for ‘Cigar’, which was previously produced, will be additionally released, and various video contents will be used to delight listeners’ eyes and ears at the same time.

Meanwhile HA:TFELT will hold an online Book-Talk show on May 1st to commemorate the publication of the limited-edition storybook ‘1719’, and recruit participants through the Google Form till the 24th.

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