3 must-try Korean desserts

While many people have already tried Korean traditionnal food such as Bimbimbap or Samgyeopsal, fewer people tends to try Korean desserts. Here are 3 of the ones you must try while visiting Korea.

1. Bingsu 빙수

Bingsu is now quite famous, even outside Korea, but as it is a must try, it still deserves a place on the list.

It is a shaved ice dessert with a sweet toping. There are a lot of possible topings but the typical ones are redbean paste or fruits. If you want to try the most Korean-taste like, then an Injeolmi Bingsu would be good for you. Injeolmi is a Korean rice cake made with glutinous rice coated with soybean powder. While it may not sound appealing, it is a must try to get a glimpse of a traditional Korean dessert. The most famous bingsu place in Korea is surely the franchise “Sulbing” which has restaurants all around Korea, with a lot of different topings available.

2. Hotteok 호떡

Hotteok are a popular street-food dessert in Korea. It is a Korean pancake, with a soft cinnamony syrup inside. Even if you can stick to this traditional version, nowadays hotteok makers have become more creative with the tastes and you can find Injeolmi, Green Tea and even Corn Hotteok in the streets. You can also try to make your own at home, as the recipe is quite easy and you can even find ready-made dry hotteok mix. However, the sugar melting inside the pancake is really hot, so you should be careful on the first bite.

3. Bungeoppang 붕어빵

Here is another street food famous dessert in Korea. It is a fish-shaped bread filled with red bean paste, crispy on the outside. The batter is very simple, consisting only of eggs, flour, water, sugar and some raising agents. While the traditional Bungeoppang is served hot, you can also find its ice version in every convenience store around Korea, which is basically the same pastry but combining ice-cream and red-bean paste inside.

What is your favorite Korean dessert or treat ?

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