Block B appeared as guests on Park Kyung’s final broadcast for ‘Dreaming Radio

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Block B visited MBC FM4U ‘Park Kyung’s Dreaming Radio’.

Block B members Zico, Jae Hyo, Yu Kwon, and P.O appeared as guests for ‘Dreaming Radio’ broadcast on the 23rd, excluding Taeil and B-bomb, who are currently serving their mandatory service duties, to cheer for DJ Park Kyung, who is about to make his final broadcast on the 26th.

Block B who brought their unique and pleasant energy to the studio, said “It’s a meeting with members for a long time, so we came with the excitement and anticipation to meet someone I like.” Those who are actively engaged in various fields such as broadcasting, advertising, and collaboration started to talk while notifying each other of their current status.

At the corner of testing how well they know each other, Block B tries to guess what other members like and dislike, looking through the latest Internet searched-words, and thinking about what interests they have these days.

Block B members expressed the feeling to meet the ninth anniversary of his debut, “It seems that friends with various charms could come together to create good synergy.” They chose the reason for being able to stay together for a long time, ‘Simplicity to solve on the spot even if there is a conflict between members’.

Block B, who has been with the audience for over two hours, greeted each other with plans for their future activities, “I didn’t know that it was a long time since I’ve met. We often go to memories at home looking for old videos of Block B. I hope you know that it is the same mind as you. I will continue to try to show good looks.”

Meanwhile, ‘Park Kyung’s Dreaming Radio’, airs on April 26 from 8pm to 10pm.


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