It’s been a few years now that South Korea has become worldwide known for its skincare secrets. Many people are especially interested in the 10 steps skincare routine, but don’t know where to start/are confused in the middle of all those products. Here is a clear guide on how to take good care of your skin using this method.

1. Oil cleanser

During a Korean skincare routine, first thing you need to do is learn how to double cleanse your face. You start with massaging an oil cleanser all over your face to wash away all your makeup.

2. ☼ ☾ Water based cleanser

Adding a second step to the cleansing will help you clean almost perfectly your skin from all the impurities the oil cleanser might have not pick up. In the Morning, you can use only water to clean your face or your water based cleanser.

3. Exfoliation

This step is not mandatory to do everyday, nor is it recommended to do it too often, especially for sensitive skin. But doing it a one or two times a week will help you clean your pores and remove dead skin cells.

4. ☼ ☾ Toning

Applying a toner on your face, rather with a cotton pad or your hand, will prep your skin for the next products and balance its pH level.

5. ☼ ☾ Essence

This step will help your cellular turnover and gives you a more youthful appearance.

6. ☼ ☾ Ampoule

Similar to serum, they are also highly concentrated products to help you target specific skin needs. Their concentration is also usually higher than the serums.

7: ☼ ☾ Serum

These concentrated formulas acts against specific skin problems such as wrinkles, dehydration or acne.

8: Sheet Mask

The sheet will get the products to be fully absorbed into your skin. There are sheetmasks for every skin types and every concerns you might be targeting. It also helps you relax.

9: ☼ ☾ Eye cream

Applying an eye cream regularly will help in reducing your dark circle and eventual puffiness under your eyes.

10: ☼ ☾ Moisturizer

To seal the moisture into your face.

11: Sunscreen

You should apply sunscreen on your face every morning, even if you are not planning to go out, in order to prevent the development of dark spots or wrinkles.

Do you think you will get into the 10 Steps Korean Skincare routine now ?

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