BTS’ J-Hope went live on Youtube to interact with the fans following RM-Suga

[Star Today Park Se-yeon]

The group BTS’ rapper J-Hop received fans’ hot reactions with unrivaled dance skills on YouTube’s official channel ‘BANGTANTV’.

J-hope met the fans through ‘Bangtan TV’ on the afternoon of Tuesday. He brought back his iconic segment where spends his time at the dance studio grooving to the songs and showcasing his new routines..

Next sitting in front of the camera J-Hope said, “I’ve come to get warmed up,” and he continued to dance.

He showed off his dancing skills for about 30 minutes, but it was enough to share his daily life by talking to fans.

Fans from all over the world gathered at J-Hope’s YouTube Live, and they responded in real time, leaving a cheering comment. J-Hope ended YouTube Live on this day while listening to their song ‘Butterfly’.

BTS has released their everyday life to the fans, showing their daily routines starting by RM on the 17th to Suga on the 24th and to J-Hope on the 28th.


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