IU reveals first teaser image

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

Singer IU has released the first teaser images ahead of the May 6 comeback.

The singer’s management EDAM Entertainment has posted images of a dreamy imagery through the IU’s SNS official channels at midnight on Tuesday.

In a released photo, close-up image of two hands catch the eyes to evoke the conflicting fleeing, one hand which is not tidy and the other hand decorated with colorful accessories at the background of wearing a snow-white dress. In addition, IU’s first teaser image for the track indicates a release date for May 6 and also shows the new song title “8” along with a teaser image with an elegant charm, which raised questions about the new song.

The new song known as a legendary collaboration between global superstar BTS member Suga and herself has attracted attention before its release.

 It is the first collaboration of two musicians of the same age who have reached to the peak in various music attempts and growths, and amplify the expectations of music fans around the world.

IU’s upcoming title track “8” is a mini-album in six months after her fifth mini-album ‘Love poem’. Suga is listed as both producer and featured artist for the song to showcase a different music style that IU has made so far.

IU’s new song “8” and along with its music video can be seen at 6:00 pm on May 6 through a various music sites.

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