IU reveals moving teaser for new song ‘Eight’ (feat. BTS SUGA)… Gear up to May comeback

[Maeil Business Star Today Shin Young-eun]

Singer IU has released a new teaser of her upcoming song ‘Eight’ on her official SNS on May 2, to warm up to comeback with a moving teaser.”

In a moving teaser a round reel tape is being played to attract the eyes. Then towards the end of the video you can
hear IU singing in the background humming the words, “So are you happy now’. This further enhances the
anticipations for the upcoming song.

Though, it was only a 17-second teaser without the appearance of IU, the video once again draw the music fans
curiosity for her the new song.

There were further heightened the expectations of the fans who are waiting for IU’s comeback, shortly after the
teaser image was released. Multiple interpretations have emerged, further heightening the expectations of fans

IU’s new song ‘8’ also features BTS member ‘Suga’ who has collaborated together to notice another masterpiece created. This collaboration is also special because it is a combined work of two musicians of the same age who have been recognized through various musical endeavors. Music fans around the world are expressing their curiosity and interest in this new song.

Meanwhile, IU’s new song ‘Eight’ will be released through online music site at 6:00 pm on May 6 Monday.


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