Go Doo-shim & Ji Hyun-woo to appear in new film ‘Shining Moment’

[Maeil Business Star Today Han Hyun-Jung]

Actor Go Doo-shim and Ji Hyun-woo is about to meet in the movie ‘Shining Moment(literal translation)’.

Directed by So Joon-moon, ‘Shining Moment’ tells the story of Jeju’s best haenyo (women divers) Jin-ok, and documentary producer Kyung-hoon, who came from Seoul to cover her story. Go Doo-shim will lead the role of Jin-ok and Ji Hyun-woo will take on the role of Kyung-hoon.

‘Jinok’ is a character who has personally experienced the painful history of Jeju. Actress Go Doo-shim, who is also from Jeju island and known as the nation’s top actor, will challenge such a role is raising the expectations.

Since his debut in 2003, Ji Hyun-woo has been recognized for his stable acting ability by digesting various characters in a number of works including the drama ‘Old Miss Diary’, ‘Merry Mary’, ‘Queen and I’, and ‘The Awl’. He has shown versatile talent in music as the lead guitarist for indie rock band The Nuts.

Director Son Joon-moon was recognized for his directing skills at several film festivals at home and abroad in 2007 for his film ‘Old Lang Sign’ which was invited to the 31st Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

Go Doo-shim said, “The people of Jeju Island live with the spirit of haenyo. I am always proud of this spirit. I want to make it beautiful and well with all my energy.” Ji Hyun-woo continued, “I wish this movie could be a better one when I see it in my heart like a little prince’s dialogue saying.“


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