TXT released the concept photo FOR ‘The Dream Chapter: Eternity’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

Group Tomorrow X Together has released the concept photo for the new album ‘The Dream Chapter: Eternity’.

TXT has revealed the concept photo in a starboard version for the second mini-album “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY” on May 4th at 00:00 on its official homepage and SNS channel.

The photos of the released in the form of the starboard express the appearance of the boys who long for eternity. In the group photo, the members are standing side by side holding each other’s hands against the night sky, or lying on their heads, staring at the camera with their faint glare.

Pictures of five members who depend on each other in comfortable pajamas can be seen.

You can check out all members’ concept photos in further detail on their website.

 Secret photos and videos are hidden in the photos by groups and each member, so it’s fun to find them.

The five members showed off the five concepts of the every member’s charm and shining visuals by perfecting the two concepts from the Port version that was previously released on the 1st to the Starboard version. As the explosive reactions are pouring out with contradictory photos, the album has already attracted attention.

Tomorrow X Together’s new album, ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’ will be released on May 18.


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