‘Space Sweepers’ starring Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri and Jin Seon-kyu released trailer

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Actor Song Joong-gi is making his return to the screen after three years.

Korea’s first science fiction movie set in space, ‘Space Sweepers’, confirmed the film would be released this summer and unveiled a clip of the film on Thursday..

According to distributor Merry Christmas ‘Space Sweepers’ is set in the year 2092 and tells the story of the crew of a debris-collecting shuttle named Victory in its search for valuable garbage that can be sold for money. The crew discovers a humanoid weapon of mass destruction, Dorothy, and gets involved in a dangerous business deal.

It is the first cosmic science fiction blockbuster to be shown in Korean film, and it attracted attention early in the reunion of director Cho Sung-hee and Song Joong-ki of “A Werewolf Boy.”

The launching trailer begins with artificial satellite orbiting, a new home for mankind, the earth at the background of open universe. The movie ‘Space Sweepers’, which shoots Korean characters into a space thought to be Hollywood-only, invites the audience to the center of the new world created by the imagination and technology of Korea.

Song Joong-ki plays the role of pilot Taeho. Kim Tae-Ri plays the young female captain.

Song Joong-gi, having a confident smile but he’s actually so poor that he pilots the ship wearing socks with holes without shoes.

Kim Tae-ri, who always has shown new characters in the film from ‘The Handmaiden’ to ‘1987’, and TV series ‘Little Forest’ and ‘Mr. Sunshine’, has taken the role of The Victory’s young captain Jang Sung-jang, who sports slicked-back hair and sunglasses and looks intimidating with her laser gun.

Jin Sun-kyu, who became an actor guaranteering 10 million viewers in the movie ‘Extreme Job’, takes on a transformation into an engineer Tiger Park, and Yoo Hae-jin plays the robot named Updong, in the first time that a Korean movie has used motion capture to have an actor perform with their co-stars.

“Please look forward to what ensemble that Korean space junk collectors, not Hollywood’s superheroes will be able to navigate through the universe and achieve victory.


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