‘Snowpiercer’ released on May 25 via Netflix… Revolution that has begun again

[Maeil Business Star Today Yang So-young]

Netflix confirmed the release of the original series ‘Snowpiercer’ on May 25, and released the main poster ‘trains’ and teaser trailer ‘classes’.

The Netflix original series ‘Snowpierecer’ will be released on May 25. In the movie a murder occurring on a train which that has been running for seven years since the last human race have been taken on board. To solve this, a man from the tail space, drawn out, discovered the enormous secret of everyone’s survival. The drama ‘Snowpiercer’ ‘will finally be released on May 25. Since its release in 2013, it has recorded more than 9.35 million cumulative audiences in Korea, and has won the film awards, including the Best Director Award, Best Actress Award from the world’s leading film festivals and major critics’ associations. In this work, director Bong Joon-ho and director Park Chan-wook are participating as producers, and two great Korean representatives are attracting great attention as an opportunity to introduce K-content to the world again through Netflix.

‘Snowpiercer’ will expand the story of class struggle, social inequality, and survival experienced by people on the train, the last chance on the frozen earth due to extreme weather, to a full-scale and enriched story. Jennifer Connelly of ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ and ‘Beautiful Mind’ takes the role of Melanie, the actual manager of the train representing architect Wilford, and David Diggs of ‘Velvet Buzzo’, a former tail detective from the tail train digging a murder on the train. Acting as Leighton, she wonders what character was born unlike the movie.

‘Snowpiercer’ caught the scene where Layton and Melanie faced each other in the middle of the train. Behind Rayton’s arms are passengers in tail train, and behind Melanie’s armed train managers, the tension between the two classes can be seen at a glance. It is also interesting to see the Namsan Seoul Tower in Korea over the white frozen train. This poster was created as a special poster for Korean fans as one of the posters released in various country versions in line with the setting that the train is constantly on track.

The released trailer ‘Class’ begins with Melanie and Layton explaining their snow train.

 On the 2805th day since the train departed, the explanation that the train outside is 119 degrees below zero is consistent, but the life in it is so different. After each remark, the comfort of a first-class car enjoying a luxurious life and the desperateness of a tail-car living in a place where the arm is cut off or where even the light cannot be properly enjoyed are immediately captured. In particular, they say “it may be unfair” or “not right” about the life on the train, revealing a sharply contrasting time difference, and the question is growing when and how the conflict between those who piled up in a thoroughly classed train will explode.

The ‘Snowpiercer’ will be released only on Netflix on May 25th.


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