Tomorrow X Together dropped official music video teaser for the upcoming title ‘Can’t You seem Me’

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

The group Tomorrow X Together unveiled a group teaser for the new album title song.

TXT unveiled the first official music video teaser for ‘Can’t You See Me?’, via the group’s social media accounts. In the teaser, members emotionally gaze at the camera talking turns while the song an emotional acoustic rock ballad, is being played in the background.

The open teaser contains close-up footage of five members staring at the camera with a firm look. Among the members rejoicing in a friendly atmosphere, the expressions of expressionless members appear one after another, showing the contrast between emotions among members.

You can also see the shining visuals of TXT members in a group cut that creates contradictory feelings in white and black outfits. The last scene that ends with Soobin’s screams leaves an intense impression.

Particularly, with the group teaser, the melody that arranges the sound source of ‘Can’t You See Me?’ has been released, raising the expectation for the title song.

Starting with the concept trailer in April, Tomorrow X Together has released a variety of content by releasing concept photo teaser, two versions of concept photo, individual teaser video, and even title song group teaser. In addition to a solid story, the attractive visuals of the five members brought out an explosive response from fans around the world.

The title teaser released before the group teaser was a popular YouTube video, and the top trend of Twitter worldwide, showing off the power of the major groups.

Tomorrow X Together’s new album, ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’ will be released on May 18.

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