ASTRO broke into tears with first win for ‘Knock’… “Thank you for being our light”

[Maeil Business Star Today Shin Young-eun]

Boy group ASTRO took first top place after returning.

Boy group ASTRO (MJ, Jin Jin, Moon Bin, Cha Eun-woo, Rocky, Yoon San-ha) achieved their first win for their comeback with the title song ‘Knock’ on mini-albums ‘GATEWAY’ through the May 13 episode of MBC’S ‘Show! Champion’.

Upon hearing their win and receiving their trophy, ASTRO broke into tears on stage and said, “Above all, I think this award was given by our Arohas (Astro Fan Club). I promised to be a light to you this time, but thank you so much for being a light to us”

The album’s name ‘Gateway’ refers to ASTRO moving through a gateway into a new world, and the title track ‘knock’ represents the group knocking on the door that will lead them into the new world.

‘Knock’, the new track that gave ASTRO the first place, is an impressive song with an addictive chorus and intense melody. ASTRO members also unleashed unique power refreshing charm and perfectly showcased on the stage of ‘Show! Champion’.

ASTRO, who became the first winner after a comeback with the seventh mini-album ‘GATEWAY’, has gained a strong response both domestically and abroad. ASTRO ranked on the # 1 weekly retail store album chart on the week of the 19th week of the Gaon Chart, and proved unstoppable growth by winning the #1 in 15 countries in the iTunes K-POP Album Chart shortly after release.

Meanwhile, ASTRO keeps on going to greater heights with their latest album.

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