Bolbbalgan4 returned as solo without Woo Ji-yoon

[Star Today Park Se-yeon]

BOL4 (Ahn Ji-young) held an online showcase commemorating the release of the new mini album ‘A Flower The Butterfly Has Seen’ on the afternoon of May 13.

Ahn Ji-young introduced her mini album saying, “It’s a comeback in about 8 months. I’m so nervous during preparing the second Puberty Book. Please look forward to it”

She continued about Woo Ji-yoon’s departure, “There has been much changed, I felt empty, the space was big. I felt a lot burden, but I thought that doing my best was the first to reward the fans. I will do my best to show you what Bolbbalgan4 is trying out.”

‘Puberty Book II- A Flower The Butterfly Has Seen’ is the second story of an adolescent who is lovely, but more dangerous.

 ‘A Flower The Butterfly Has Seen’ metaphorically refers to the joy of encountering someone you love. When BOL4 portrayed adolescent growth pains in the previous album, this ‘Puberty Book II’ will capture each precious emotion in the process of growth.

The album contains total five tracks written and composed by Ahn Ji-young, including ‘Leo’, ‘Blank’, ‘Hug’, ‘Counseling’, and ‘Dandelion’, alongside duet song ‘Leo’ featuring EXO’s Baekhyun.

‘Hug’ is a fascinating title song with a funky rhythm bass and electric guitar leading the mood of the song, and the chorus of lyric lyrics and points of melody lines are wrapped around the ears.

BOL4 set to drop the mini-album ‘Puberty Book II- A Flower The Butterfly Has Seen’ through online music sites at 6 pm on the day.

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