Crush announced new single ‘Homemade 1’ on 20th

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Da-gyeom]

Singer Crush is making his returning with single ‘Homemade 1’ in 5 months.

On May 13, P Nation announced that Crush will return on May 20 with a digital single ‘Homemade 1’ on the 20th at 6 pm.”.

This will be his newest project since ‘From Midnight To Sunrise’, the full-length album released in December last year. The single ‘Homemade1’ will open the first portal of the ‘homemade’ project in the future.

Crush uploaded a teaser image to announce the release of “homemade 1” through the official social media account on the afternoon of the 12th. In the released image, there is a figure of Crush standing in front of the keyboard wearing a comfortable outfit that looks like he is at home.

Recently, Crush is communicating through uploading a “homemade recipe”, a self-made Youtube series content that contains the real life of Shin Hyo-seob, not an artist Crush, through an official YouTube channel.

Then, with the theme of ‘homemade’, music fans grew more excited as the artist to show his upcoming music.

Under the recent situation where it is difficult to meet fans through concerts Crush plans to share his ‘Staying-at-home’ life through various ‘homemade’ series, while encouraging the fans who are having hard time.

P Nation released a follow-up statement that provided further hints on the single. The agency stated that the title song shows the distinct sensibility of the singer. Adding to that, the track will go well with spring time. You can look forward to it.”

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