TWICE Nayeon released new concept photo for MORE & MORE… A sweet fairy in spring

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Dagyeom]

Starting with Nayeon, TWICE has released a new individual concept photo for the upcoming album ‘MORE & MORE’.

TWICE announces the title song of the same name as the new album ‘MORE & MORE’ on June 1st and makes their sweet comeback. It will have been in 9 months after the 8th mini album ‘Feel Special’ in September 2019.

JYP Entertainment shared the concept film of Nayeon at 00:00 on the 14th through the official SNS channel, and then posted a personal teaser image at noon to delight fans.

Nayeon transformed into a goddess with bobbed-hair in the warm spring sunshine.

In the concept film, she poses among flowers, and in the teaser photo, Nayeon wearing a white dress looks stunning in a beautiful to feel spring breeze..

Nayeon is the first member to release her concept film for the returning. Following Nayeon, TWICE unveils the concept films and teaser photos of the members sequentially, and gives the fans an infinite charm. The concept film, which is the first teaser content TWICE is trying out, will deliver the atmosphere of the new song more vividly and increase visual satisfaction.

TWICE will is finally gearing up for their comeback with the 9th mini-album ‘MORE & MORE’ on June 1.

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