Cho Jin-woong & director Jeong Jin-young’s ‘Me and Me’ released teaser

[Maeil Business Star Today Han Hyun-Jung]

Actor Jeong Jin-young’s directorial debut film ‘Me and Me’ released its teaser.

‘Me and Me’ tells the story of a detective trying to find his life while facing a shocking situation where everything he believed disappeared.

The released teaser trailer begins with the appearance of detective Park Hyung-gu (played by Cho Jin-woong) entering a rural village in a foggy small town with tense music.

While investigating the suspicious fire incident of the death of a couple of foreigners, he notices the suspicious feelings of the villagers and traces them, one day he faces a shocking situation where everything he has known, from the job of a detective to his wife and family, disappears.

While the caption of “Everything I knew was gone” is increasing expectations for the mysterious things that will happen in the future in the movie ‘Me and Me’ about, Park Hyung-gu, whose life has been turned over in a day, is pursuing clues to regain his life.

‘Me and Me’ is the director Jeong Jin-young’s directorial debut film who has been 33-year-old veteran actor with films ‘The King and the Clawn’, ‘The Case of Itaewon Homicide’, ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7’, ‘Ode to My Father’, ‘Grass’ and ‘Savaha: The Sixth Finger’. Jeong Jin-young also wrote the script himself. This upcoming movie ‘Me and Me’ is schedule to be released on June 18th.

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