Lim Seulong to collaborate with Lovelyz’ Kei

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Da-gyeom] Singer Lim Seulong announces the return of collaboration king. On the 19th, agency Jellyfish Entertainment said, “Lim Seulong will be releasing a new song, which will be a collaboration with Lovelyz’ Kei.” Lim Seulong made his debut as a member of group 2AM in 2008, and became one of Korea’s representative idol groups with mega-hits ‘Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die’, ‘You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls,’ and ‘I Was Wrong’. Then the singer went on to continue his career as a solo to release ‘NORMAL’, ‘Melatonin’, ‘That Moment’, etc. and was loved by strong vocals and singing skills. Lim Seulong with a unique sweet voice and warm sensibility, has received love for collaborations with IU for ‘Nagging’, Red Velvet’s Joy for ‘Always in My Heart’, Kisum for ‘Finding Differences’ and EXID Hani for ‘You’ and many more. Lim Seulong, who has been loved through collaboration with various artists, is about to release a solo song in about 3 years since 2017. Expectations are rising announce the charming Lovelyz’ Kei and duet, foretelling the birth of a high-end collaboration. Meanwhile, curiosity about the new song is intensifying as to what explosive synergies Lim Seulong, who foreshadows more mature vocals and emotions will meet with Lovelyz’s Kei.

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