‘Old School Intern’ to premiere today (20th) … Jolly office comic drama series

[Maeil Business Star Today Kim So-yeon] ‘Old School Intern’ will be launching today (20th). MBC’s new Wednesday and Thursday series ‘Old School Intern’ (written by Shin So-ra, directed by Nam Woo-woo), which will be broadcast for the first time at 8:55 pm on this day, a comedy-revenge office drama that tells the story of clashes between the old and new generation as they struggle to work together. Lee Man-shik (Kim Eung-soo), was a ‘kkondae’, which refers to a rigid, old schoold type of person. Although he was the head of the marketing department, he became to a senior intern at the rival company after being retired. After graduation, Ga yeol-chang(Park Hae-jin) landed his first office job at a company. His superior forced his old schoold ways of thinking onto Ga yeol-chan, causing him to quit his job. He worked very hard and was promoted to the chief of the sales and marketing. One day Ga yeol-chan gets a senior age intern who gave him such a hard time at his first company. At the workplace where Lee Man-sik, who becomes a security guard overnight, has a boss who had once his staff, he was struggling to keep his seat. While MBC’s new Wed/Thurs drama ‘Old School Intern’ will be aired at 8:55 pm, and the previous drama ‘Shall We eat Dinner Together?’ will be scheduled to meet with the viewers at 9:30 pm. ksy70111@mkinternet.com

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