Rain is back… ‘GANG’ MV goes viral

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Singer and actor Rain’s old music video for ‘GANG’, which has gotten sudden popularity, is being re-illuminated with an amazing ‘butterfly effect’.

On the 19th, K-pop Radar said, “Rain’s ‘GANG’ official music video has been ranked 16th in the K-pop Radar daily music video hit chart released on the 18th.”

The explosive reaction for the old MV began on YouTube. The cover video titled ‘1 Rain’s Gang-a-day by a high school girl’, which has been shared on YouTube channel ‘Pumpkin Exhibition’ in November of last year sparked a big topic online.

Subsequently, the full version uploaded to the same account in March of this year has also received a cumulative hit of 2.5 million.

Here, the YouTube channel, ‘Civilization Express’, which is well-known as the contents of ‘Masterpiece to listen alone’, introduced Rain’s ‘GANG’ and U-KISS’ ‘Shut Up’.

Its craze, which was regarded only as an online meme, was introduced in MBC’s entertainment program ‘Hangout with Yoo?’ On the 16th and began to gain popularity even offline.

This popularity was immediately proved right on music streaming charts.

 On the 13th, ‘GANG’, which ranked 161 on the K-Pop Radar Daily Music Video Hits Chart, climbed back to 16th with 476,330 views on the 17th immediately after the broadcast, this means a steep rise in 145 steps in 5 days.

The K-pop Radar said, “Over the past week, 2.23 million hits, 94% of the total 2.16 million views have occurred in Korea.“ It is estimated that there are lots of people watching ‘Three GANG a day’ to have a laugh and post witty comments about it.”


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