Worthy to notice NU’EST’s ‘I’m in Trouble’

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Da-gyeom] K-pop boy group NU’EST (JR, Aron, Minhyun, Baekho, Ren) dominated the various music stages with a lethal charisma. On the 11th, NU’EST, who returned with 8th mini-album ‘The Nocturne’, successfully completed their first week of comeback. The group tried to make bold changes with a title song ‘I’m in Trouble’, showed mature charm. NU’EST showed a soft yet refreshing atmosphere and proved the infinite musicality of NU’EST in the sub title ‘Back To Me’. In addition, ‘I’m in Trouble’ ranked top place in various music streaming charts immediately after the album was released, as well as the # 1 iTunes album chart in 13 regions, the top 10 in 21 regions. They also topped at the major charts such as Hanter Chart and Shinnara Record, showing the popularity of the challenge both at home and abroad. Most of all, it was the music broadcasting stage that best showed the transformation of NU’EST. So let’s find out what NU’EST caught the public with ‘I’m in Trouble’ and the special points they focus on. # Harmonized Sexy-Boldness performance NU’EST dominated the stage with a performance that blended sexiness and boldness at ‘’I’m in Trouble’, as it is often called ‘Master on Stage’ with high-synchronized group dance. The members perfectly expressed the fatal atmosphere contained in the song by choreography, and attracted the viewers to NU’EST with intense attraction. # Facial expressions pouring for about 3 minutes Above all, in order to further enhance the immersion in the ‘I’m in Trouble’ stage, NU’EST’s sculptural visuals as well as the deep facial expressions they play are a big part. As member JR chose facial expression as one of the most important parts while preparing for the stage, NU’EST made a deeper impression by showing a different charm than before, revealing a chic charisma and a facial expression with an attractive mood. # Intense intro Moreover, at the ‘Music Bank’, which was broadcast on the 15th, NU’EST prepared a special intro to double the chic atmosphere of NU’EST. From Ren sitting at the bar table with downcast eyes to Baekho in the bedroom, and Minhyunl walking forcefully from behind the door, the members completed an intense intro with charisma expressed by their individual characteristics before the beginning of performance. Meanwhile, NU’EST will go on to continue their promotion with the new song ‘I’m in Trouble’. trdk0114@mk.co.kr

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