Suga’s new mix tape ‘Daechwita’ under the name of August D… MV exceeded 10 million

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Group BTS member Suga has released second solo mixtape ‘D-2′ in about four years, swept the top of the iTunes’ top album’ chart in 80 countries and regions around the world.

Suga’s mix tape ‘D-2’ took the top spot on the iTunes ‘Top Album’ chart in 80 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Japan and Peru on the 23rd (until 8:00 am)..

The title song ‘Daechwita’ of this mixtape ranked first on the ‘Top Song’ chart in 50 countries and regions. Since the release on the 22nd, it has been receiving enthusiastic responses from fans around the world.

In August 2016, Suga unveiled the first mixtape ‘Agust D’ under the name Agust D. At that time, he received attention by showing another aspect of Suga with sincere lyrics and refined melody. Suga participated in composing and writing total in 10 songs on his mixtape and melted various emotions from the past and present into songs of various genres.

The title song, track number 2 on mixtape, ‘Daechwita’ includes traditional Korean themes with a sample from a pre-existing daechita, a genre of traditional Korean military music. Intesnse and heavy Suga’s rap is added to Korean traditional musical instruments such as Pansori and Kkwaenggwari to create a more exotic atmosphere. The music video is also set against a backdrop of palaces that make use of the beauty of Korean tradition, and the magnificent direction and the passion of Suga stand out. Not only songs, but also music videos are gaining popularity from fans around the world, setting a record to exceed 10 million YouTube views within 8 hours of its release.

The gorgeous feature teams who participated in Suga’s mix tape are also not to be missed.

 Artists of different colors gathered to create a synergy effect with Suga, from BTS’s RM to singer-songwriter NiiHWA, American singer-songwriter MAX, and band NELL’s Kim Jong-wan.

RM raises questions about the social structure and system of the current era through track 4, ‘Strange’, and NiiHWA, who participated in track 5, ’28’ harmonizes with the bass of Suga with a soft voice. MAX showed off their skills on track 6, ‘Burn It’, adding a different charm to the song. Kim Jongwan, who Suga cites as someone he admires, is the frontman of Korean alternative rock band Nell and closes out the mixtape with ‘Dear My Friend.’.

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