Boy band ONEWE releases summer song ‘End of Spring’ today (26th)

Maeil Business Star Today Lee Da-gyeom]

The boy band ONEWE is making a comeback with their first debut album ‘ONE’.

On the 26th at 6 pm, the first regular album ‘ONE’ and its title track ‘End of Spring’ will be released through various music sites and will begin a full-fledged comeback activity.

The title song ‘End of Spring’ was composed and written by member Kia as well as Korea’s top hit makers Kim Do-hoon and Seo Yong-bae. The poetic lyrics are rhythmically captured to reveal freshness. The guitar riff and the delicately split drums are expressed in a colorful composition.

In particular, the points hidden in the lyrics of the melodic synth sound and the killing part become a nostalgic element, adding to the fun.

Along with the title track, its music video depicted in the form of a road movie where members with their own emptiness and longing traveled together to open their own festivals.

Johnny Bros Hong Won-ki, who has been with the debut single ‘1/4’, produced music video and featured the rhythmic band performance with ONEWE’s delicate facial expression, ONEUS fired a support shot and showed an unusual friendship.

In the newly-released music video, ONEWE has added an addictive choreography to the band performance that it has shown so far, and contains a richer mise-en-scene.

ONEWE’s first full album ‘ONE’ will have a total of 12 tracks including the fan song ‘Crazy Good’, which is produced by member Kia, title song ‘End of Spring’, ‘Feeling Good (2019 ver.)’, ‘Love Me’, ‘IF’, ‘Ring on my Ears’ and many more.

As it is the first regular album to announce a new beginning of the boy band ONEWE which is expected in the future, it will attract listeners with the limitless appearance of the talented boy band and the broader musical spectrum.

ONEWE will gear up for full-scale activity from May 26.

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