MONSTA X “We’re making a comeback after a while, please look forward to it”

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Da-gyeom]

Group MONSTA X released their mini album ‘FANTASIA X’ along with music video for their new title track ‘FANTASIA’ in 7 months.

MONSTA X (Shownu, Wonho, I.M Hyungwon, Jooheon, Kihyun, Minhyuk) held a showcase to commemorate the release of their mini-album ‘FANTASIA X’ through the YouTube channel on May 26and revealed the new song stage.

On this day, Shownu answered about the impressions of the new album release, “As we’re beginning domestic activities after a long while, we prepared a lot to show a perfect figure as MONSTA X. We will make the fans return to a great song and stage.”

Kihyun introduced the new title song, “The dictionary definition of ‘FANTASIA’ is a fantasy song. So the title track contains the meaning of moving freely without being constrained by reality.”

Meanwhile, “FANTASIA is a title track that features MONSTA X’s signature energy and power. The lyrics talk about breaking through everything standing in one’s way and never stopping. MONSTA X’s upcoming album FANTASIA X is scheduled to be released at 6 pm May 26.

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