Song Joong-ki’s new film ‘Bogota’ filming delayed until next year in the aftermath of COVID-19

[Maeil Business Star Today Yang So-young]

The movie ‘Bogota’ starring actor Song Joong-ki and Lee Hee-jun was to resume filming in Colombia this summer, but was postponed due to corona virus pandemic.

MegaboxCentralPlusM, an investment distributor of ‘Bogota’, said on May 26 “The COVID-19 in Colombia and South America is not doing well. We were planning on resuming the filming for Bogota this summer, but as Colombia still isn’t doing well, we decided to cancel our summer plans and postpone the filming until next year.”

“This is a decision made because of safety first. We already finished about 45% of the filming. We will not be cancelling the project in its entirety. We will resume next year for sure and release it for the audience.”

‘Bogota’ is a crime thriller genre film about the young people who immigrated to Colombia in the 1990s. Film ‘Minority Opinion’s director Kim Seong-je caught the megaphone.

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