Stray Kids to comeback with first regular album ‘GO LIVE’ on June 17

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Boy group Stray Kids will comeback with their first regular album ‘GO 生’ (Go LIVE) on June 17.

JYP Entertainment unveiled a trailer film that announced Stray Kids’ comeback on the official social media channel at 00:00 on the 28th.

Strange combinations of scientists are experimenting outside of waste factory, not in a laboratory, students in uniforms standing on a racing track, and brass bands marching in a restaurant hall. The characters and places that were out of match gave a sense of heterogeneity, and the video also had unfamiliar atmosphere.

Stray Kids slowly walked through the strange places where everything stopped, creating a peculiar tension. Soon, when I.N looked up the sky, the two moons merged, and with the beat of excitement, everything rejuvenated and began to move steadily.

With the trailer film alone, it sparked the illusion of watching a movie, which amplified the curiosity about the message and story of this album.

Stray Kids showed off its lyrics and composition skills early on by placing its name on the full credit of the pre-debut album ‘Mixtape’, released before its official debut.

With the production group 3RACHA in the team consisting of Bangchan, Changbin, and Han, they made their own title song as well as recorded songs, and established themselves as a group capable of producing themselves.

In June 2020, attention is focused on the musical growth of Stray Kids, which will be shown through the first regular album ‘GO Life’.

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