SEVENTEEN docuseries ’HIT THE ROAD’ released … Seungkwan, “Thanks grows over time”

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

The group SEVENTEEN revealed their passion for the stage and their determined resolution at the documentary “HIT THE ROAD”.

Its agency Pledis Entertainment released episode 7 and 8 of ‘SEVENTEEN: HIT THE ROAD’ through the official YouTube channel and Weavers at 7 noon on the 29th.

At the previous episodes 5 and 6, Minkyu’s own “Snap Shoot” special music video behind-the-scenes story and Joshua’s sincere story expressing his strong will to growth, as well as his deep affection for the group, brought a hot response.

This upcoming episode 7 tells the story that Seungkwan worked out, kept in shape, and carefully checked and considered the members’ condition till he went up to the stage.

In addition, Seungkwan enjoyed the stage and showed active communication with fans from various regions.

Seungkwan showed a sincere attitude to the stage in a calm and serious manner different from the lively and energetic figure seen in many entertainment programs so far, and took time to recharge for future schedules.

At the episode 8, Dino was portrayed in order to create the best stage. Dino, who was in trouble at the time of the tour, focused on restoring his health to perform good stage for his fans and was determined to enjoy the stage without regrets.

In addition, Dino prepared a personal content “DANCEOLOGY” and was admired by the professional aspect of constantly trying various things to show a new look.

Seungkwan and Dino did not forget their appreciation for the fans who prepared their tours in their own way and participated in the stage while cheering enthusiastically anytime, anywhere.

Seungkwan said, “I feel grateful as time passes. I’ve got my heart to do more with the love of the fans.” Dino expressed his sincerity toward the fans by saying, “I want to say that I show it on stage with my heart in mind without forgetting the steps and efforts of the audience. ”

SEVENTEEN’s documentary “HIT THE ROAD” will be released every Wednesday and Friday at noon through the official YouTube channel of SEVENTEEN and Weverse.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN confirmed to return on June 22.

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