Taeyang said “G-Dragon is a real friend”

[Maeil Business Star Today Shin Young-eun]

The stories of people who shared the life and music of the Taeyang, a member of BIGBANG, are recorded to convey calm emotions.

On the last 1st, ‘High noon’ the 5th episode of documentary ‘WHITE NIGHT’ was released on Taeyang and BIGBANG’s official YouTube channel.

This episode started with expressions of people who work with Taeyang, “Taeyang is very shy of strangers, but I think I’m really good inside.” “I’ve been working together for a long time, but I actually don’t’ know if I know him right.”

The daily life of Taeyang was very different from the charismatic figure on the stage.

Attracted with a comfortable and friendly attitude, he is warm-hearted person by communicating in a pleasant way with the people around him, such as staff, hair designers, and acquaintances abroad.

Yet Taeyang said, “I don’t seem to have any real friends. People I meet while working are friends. “While I don’t work, I have no friends to meet anybody.” After a staff said that you have Jiyong (G-Dragon), he replied “That’s right he is a real friend.”

When the 5th episode of the documentary is released, the fans commented, “mood to cry listening ‘LAST DANCE'”, “It’s so good to be able to see what I haven’t seen the singer “, “WHITE NIGHT was the first concert, but I still remember all the moments”, “This seems to be the most touchy moment,” “I can see true friendship between Taeyang and G-Dragon,” and “I miss the BIGBANG and look forward to seeing the group soon.”

“Wait for returning”, “Thank you always to Taeyang”, “You always support me.”

The documentary ‘WHITE NIGHT’ is aired in eight episodes. It will be released every Monday and Thursday at 7 pm for 4 weeks from May 18.


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