Chungha to release ‘Be Yourself’ as part of New.wav project

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Singer Chungha will release a new song with the’New.wav’ project.

On the 2nd, MNH Entertainment announced, “Chungha will release a new single ‘Be Yourself’ as part of ‘New.wav’ project on the 9th of June.”

‘Be Yourself’ was written based on the keyword ‘Multi-Persona’, which represents the MZ generation (millennials + generation Z). It holds the message to break out of the frame you’ve stuck yourself in and express yourself the way you are.

In particular, this song will be produced alongside Coca Cola’s Sprite as a collaboration CF which Chungha is currently the face for their Summer campaign.

Through the ‘Be Yourself’, which shows the appearance of radiating a variety of personas in the advertisement and breaking the stereotyped identity, it will capture the hearts of listeners by delivering a strong message.

Meanwhile, MNH Entertainment’s ‘New Wave’ project is currently sharing new music through its project New.wav’ which can be interpreted as bringing the New Wave but also is stylized as extension of sound source .wav.

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