TXT releases 2nd teaser for the follow-up song ‘PUMA’

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Da-gyeom]

The group Tomorrow X Together released the 2nd teaser of the follow-up song “PUMA”.

TXT (Soo-bin, Yeonjun, Bumgyu, Taehyun, Huning Kai) surprised by dropping a music video teaser for ‘PUMA’, which is the B-side off ‘The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’, through the BIG HIT Entertainment’s SNS channel at 8 PM on the 2nd.

The shared teaser begins with a scene where a puma passes over the silhouette of the members in red lighting. Puma cries are inserted along with the background music that edits the original song, creating an intense feeling from the first scene.

Then, five members lying on their heads appear one after another features the deep eyes and dark charms of the members.

Particularly, through this video, some part of choreography ‘PUMA’ are revealed for the first time, which attracts more attention. As the title of the song, it is a choreographed reminiscent of a puma escaping from a cage, and expectations are rising about what performance Tomorrow X Together will show on the actual stage.

The main part of the music video will be released at 00:00 on the 4th.

TXT will be performing ‘PUMA’ for the first time on ‘M Countdown’, which will be aired at 6 pm on this day, and will begin a full-fledged follow-up activity.

‘PUMA’ is a song off TXT’s second mini-album, “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY.” The puma which escaped from zoo is likened to the appearance of a boy who faces a strange world and feels pleasure in the freedom to taste it for the first time, but is increasingly afraid to collide with the world. The simple composition of the instrument and repeated rhythm convey the explosive energy of the five members.


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