Rain & H1GHR MUSIC released remix version of ‘GANG’ (ft. Flash lighting)

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Rain and artists belonging to the global hip-hop label H1GHR MUSIC has teamed up for a remix of his viral hit ‘GANG’.

On the 4th, H1GHR MUSIC announced, “The remix version of ‘GANG’ will be released through various sound source sites at 6 pm on this day.”

Earlier on the 30th of last month, HAON, pH-1, and Sik-K, along with Jay Park, head of H1GHR MUSIC, posted a series of pictures wearing hats which are trademark of Rain in music video for ‘GANG’ through personal SNS. Rain also participated in this remix version and expected a different collaboration.

In addition, H1GHR MUSIC posted a teaser video for ‘GANG’ on its official SNS on the 3rd and released a part of the sound source, which led to an explosive reaction.

The remix version created an expectation adding new rap and vocal parts to complete hip atmosphere in the existing ‘GANG’.

The ‘GANG’ remix version music video also unveils at the same time as the music release. Rain, Jay Park, HAON, pH-1, and Sik-K also starred in the music video, showing their freestlye dance moves.

While ‘GANG’ originally released three years ago has recently gone viral, creating a new term ‘1 gang per day’, it is noteworthy what kind of craze to show H1GHR MUSIC meets Rain.


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